Dr. Bearman presents in his book the background of U.S. policy in the field of illicit drugs as well as the medicinal use of many of them.  The book emphasizes the Cannabis plant which is a treasure trove of therapeutically important compounds and provides a good overview of medical cannabis in the context of the U.S. changing approach to drug policy.   I have no doubt that this policy change and the expansion of research in this field will lead in the coming years to numerous additional medical applications of Cannabis.”

Raphael Mechoulam, PhD

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry,
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Isolator of THC and Anandamide


A realistic and intelligent, yet down-to-earth discussion of one of the most critical issues in our country….”

James P. Gray

the 2012 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee, the presiding judge of the Superior Court of Orange County, California. 1989-2009


Rarely has someone been able to merge cultural history, current day policy issues, and herbal therapeutics so masterfully. Dr. Bearman has immeasurably improved our understanding of substance use and abuse and how to manage it.”

Arnold Leff, MD

Former Deputy Associate Director, President’s Special Action Office on Drug Abuse Prevention under Drug Czar Jerome Jaffe.former Cincinnati Commissioner of Health Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University


…A good doctor’s common-sense advice on drugs, prohibition, and what the government doesn’t want you to know.”

Oliver Stone


Fascinating, thoroughly researched, and superbly illustrated.  Bearman’s new text maps out the history of drug policy while revealing intriguing aspects of pharmacology. Readers will realize the false starts and odd turns that have led us to our current predicaments as they see his rational and compelling recommendations for improving policy, treatment and prevention.”

Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York at Albany Board of Directors, NORML


Dr. David Bearman has produced the definitive text on the strange, complex, and often hypocritical relationship that America has with drugs.  Our impractical, ineffectual drug policies are so poorly designed that they are dragging American society down.  Anyone with a genuine interest in our future health and viability as a nation must read this book.  Dr. Bearman’s book gives us the impetus and direction we need to change our course for the better and now is the time to do that.”

Gregory T. Carter, MD, MS

University of Washington School of Medicine
co-director, Muscular Dystrophy Association